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Courses & Webinars

You can choose your topics of interest and take part in online courses/webinars,

at your speed, at your preferred times and in the comfort of your own home,

hotel room or anywhere you may be!

If you plan to book individual sessions, these courses are a great baseline

so that your sessions can be focused on personalized advice. 

Image by Harlie Raethel

Nutrition For Musculoskeletal
Injury Recovery -
Ligament/Tendon, Bone & Muscle


Webinar on the impact & application of proper nutrition for proper healing of various types of injuries, while reducing muscle loss and body fat gain during limited training/limb immobilization

Image by Milad Fakurian

Nutrition for Concussion &
Post-Concussion Syndrome

Webinar on nutrition interventions for reducing inflammation, symptom intensity/ frequency & muscle loss/body fat gain during recovery period

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