My name is Natasha and I am a Sports & Performance Dietitian. I find & solve nutrition obstacles to allow for optimal performance & recovery in athletes.

I’d love to be part of your sport science team to help you reach your goals. Wondering how I can serve you? Check out the menu above or click on one of the following services I offer:


What is Performance Nutrition?


Performance nutrition is science-proven and taught by experts.


It is the art of applying science to help you reach your full potential through proper utilization of food, liquid, and supplements.

"Nutrition Is A Science, Not An Opinion"


My coaching and guidance will help you develop a personalized practical strategy designed with your training, practices, events and travel in mind.



I design a customized, easily executable sport nutrition strategy periodized around the specific injury and the clients' specific needs.

"When everyone is highly talented, highly trained and highly motivated, nutrition will provide the winning edge that separates you from the rest." - Dr. Louise Burke 


"As a young high performance athlete, I began having sessions with Natasha to educate myself about the benefits of a well-balanced diet. From the very first session I learned a lot, from when to eat during a typical training day, to what to eat before and after competitions to be at my best on the court or on the ice, and to help me fully recover for the next day. Each session with Natasha has helped me reach my full potential as an athlete on the Canadian National Goalball and Blind Hockey Teams and she was an instrumental part of my preparation to compete at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016 (Goalball). Whether you are looking to improve your sport performance on a recreational or high performance level, Natasha will help guide you on the path to success!"


Simon Richard – Canadian Goalball Athlete (Rio Paralympic Games 2016) and Canadian Blind Hockey Player  

Simon Richard - goal ball.JPG

''Adding Natasha to my sports science team has literally resurrected my sports career, I went from being told my soccer career was over at 26 to playing full field soccer at 32 years of age. With proper nutrition, I am feeling lighter, healthier, stronger, and faster than ever, training 3-4 times a week and eating a lot of delicious food. Thank you for everything and excited for the future ''

Antoni Ciepala - Moncton Aigles Bleus Alumni