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What is Performance Nutrition?


Performance nutrition is science-proven and taught by experts. It is not a simple sharing of beliefs or opinions. 


Performance nutrition is the art of applying science to help you reach your full potential through proper utilization of food, liquid, and supplements.

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With Natasha’s coaching and guidance, you will develop a personalized practical strategy designed with your training, practices, events and travel in mind.



Natasha designs a customized, easily executable sport nutrition strategy periodized around the specific injury and the clients' specific needs.

First Responders 

Nutrition has been scientifically proven to have an impact on the performance of first responders as they work in crisis situations day and night. 

"When everyone is highly talented, highly trained and highly motivated, nutrition will provide the winning edge that separates you from the rest."

Dr. Louise Burke - Head of the Department of Sports Nutrition at the Australian Institute of Sport