My goal is to translate complicated science and evidence-based performance nutrition research into practical, performance optimizing, customized plans and protocols. Your personalized protocols are accessed via a password-protected app for access anytime and anywhere! 

You can benefit from my nutrition coaching through:

  • Individualized consultations

  • Grocery store tours

  • Seminars

  • Hydration testing

  • Team/group packages


These services are available either in-person or virtually 

Topics can include:

  • Personalized body composition programs

  • Fueling protocols for before, during & after training/practices/games/competitions/races

  • Addressing performance goals (speed, power, reaction time, muscle cramping, fatigue…)

  • Personalized supplement protocols

  • Personalized hydration protocols

  • Restaurant options/travel

  • Injury protocol specific to type of injury and reduction of muscle loss while injured (as needed)

To find out more about prices and packages, click on "Book an Appointment" at the top of this page. You may also want to visit the FAQ page for answers to your questions. 

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Through coaching and guidance, you will develop a personalized practical strategy designed with your training, practices, events and travel in mind.

First Responders 

In order to respond to crisis situations, police officers, firefighters, EMS, military, physicians, surgeons and nurses require focus, quick decision-making abilities, prompt reactions, mental sharpness (even with lack of sleep), speed, stamina, and power output. All of this while working shift work. Nutrition has been scientifically proven to have an impact on all these crucial traits.


I design a customized, easily executable sport nutrition strategy periodized around your specific injury and your specific needs.


Whether traveling for business, competition or pleasure, being aware (and in control) of the nutritional factors associated with travel, will have an impact on the outcome.


Most can attest to the mid-morning or mid-afternoon low that causes an individual to have to read the same sentence a few times over. Some even describe feeling irritable or “hangry”. Science has shown that nutrition has an impact on workplace performance and productivity.

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