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Natasha McLaughlin-Chaisson

IOC Dip. Sports Nutr., BSc (Nutr.), RDN/Dt.P.I. 

Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist / Nutrition Coach

Natasha has attained the world-renowned International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition, and a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the Université de Moncton. She is also certified ISAK level 1 anthropometrist.

Natasha provides education, training and hands-on support to Olympic and professional athletes/teams throughout North America and Europe. She works with players from the NHL, AHL, CHL, NCAA & USPORTS, while also being Sports Nutrition Coach for hockey agencies such as 02K Management + Roy Sports Group. Natasha has worked with Cycling Canada’s national teams, FIFA, and Football Canada, among various other sports at provincial, national and international levels. 

Aside from sport, she is also a high-performance dietitian for various members of the RCMP, various firefighting units, paramedics, and the military. Natasha worked with the Université de Moncton Kinesology research team in the areas of shift work and performance.

Natasha is a yearly guest lecturer at her alma mater, where she also participated in developing a sports nutrition course offered in the departments of kinesiology and nutrition. Natasha has lectured for many provincial and national annual conferences including continuing education for her colleagues through the New-Brunswick Association of Dietitians as well as through Sport Physiotherapy Canada. She is the performance dietitian for a provincial medical concussion group alongside sports physician and neurologist, while also helping clients recover from various other injuries through proper nutrition and supplementation.

Natasha is a member of the New Brunswick Association of Dietitians and Sports Dietitians Australia. She is also a consultant for the Canadian Sport Center Atlantic and Coach New-Brunswick. She was awarded alumni of 2015 by the Université de Moncton Faculty of Health Sciences.

Natasha is also a wife and a mother of two. She enjoys quality time with her family, practicing yoga, running, and savoring new foods!


Languages: French, English & basic Spanish