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Sport/Athletic Performance

The International Olympic Committee states that "Good nutritional practice will help athletes train hard, recover quickly and adapt more effectively with less risk of illness and injury."

As a nutrition coach, Natasha helps athletes, from amateur to professional level, reach their peak performance by improving:


- Power output

- Energy

- Reaction time

- Focus

- Concentration

- Cardio/Endurance

- Occurrence of muscle cramps, muscle soreness, some injuries and minor illnesses

- Body composition (increasing muscle mass & reducing body fat)

- Injury recovery time


With Natasha’s coaching and guidance, you will develop a personalized practical strategy designed with your training, practices, events and travel in mind.


Natasha can help individual athletes and teams develop:

  • Training-day fueling protocols

  • Competition-day fueling protocols

  • Hydration protocols

  • Body composition programs

  • Nutrition protocols for the road

  • Supplement protocols

"Two studies have demonstrated that consuming the optimal amount and the best combinations of carbohydrates can improve performance in time to exhaustion by 3.33min and in time trials by up to 17%."*

*Currell, K. & Jeukendrup, A. (2008). Superior Endurance Performance with Ingestion of Multiple Transportable Carbohydrates. Medicine and science in sports and exercise. 40. 275-81. 10.1249/mss.0b013e31815adf19.

*Maughan, R.J. & Poole, D.C. (1978). The effect of a glycogen loading regimen on the capacity to perform anaerobic exercise.European Journal of Applied Physiology  and Occupational Physiology, 46(3), 211-219.

“The amount, composition and timing of food intake can profoundly affect sports performance” – International Olympic Committee Consensus Conference on Nutrition and Sports Performance