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Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Are these services covered under health insurance plans? Is it possible to do direct billing?

Registered Dietitian - Nutritionist services are covered under MOST health insurance plans. A few plans require physician referral. Each plan is different. Clients are encouraged to contact their insurance provider to confirm that they are covered for Registered Dietitians - Nutritionist services.


Often, the coverage is found in the “extended” section under “paramedical services”. In some instances, these services are listed under ‘’Homecare and Nursing, Prosthetic Appliances and Durable Medical Equipment’’. In other instances, a miscellaneous section can be used towards Registered Dietitian services. These services are generally reimbursed when there is a demand from individuals within the company.


To date, Blue Cross is the only insurance company permitting Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists to do direct billing. For other insurance companies, clients can simply pay for services and send in receipts to their insurance company for reimbursement.

Although clients may pay for sessions in advance (as is the case for packages), insurance receipts will only be given once the service has been rendered.

If a client does not have insurance coverage for professional nutrition sessions, they may save receipts for tax purposes.



 02  Which payment methods can I use? When should I pay?


Payment is required the day the service is rendered, unless you are purchasing a package. Insurance receipts will only be given once the service has been rendered.

Payment can be made by:

  • Online payment (through website)

  • Email money transfer

  • Credit card

  • Debit


 03  What can I expect from an individual consultation?


After booking your initial appointment, you will be asked to fill out a typical 2-day food journal and a diagnostic questionnaire. These documents are to be filled out prior to your first appointment. (Clients with a concussion are asked to have a friend or family member complete the form.) Adolescents under the age of majority who want to consult without their parents will require a guardian authorization form to be signed at first appointment. 


You will be asked to bring in a copy of recent blood work results (if applicable), as well as details surrounding your training program and schedule. The initial appointment will be divided into 2 parts. The evaluation will consist of Natasha going through your goals, questionnaire and food log, while asking many questions. If goals include body composition changes, then measurements (skinfolds, circumferences, etc.) can be taken at this time. Please bring a pair of shorts and a sports bra (as needed). The second part of the initial consultation will be reserved for coaching/teaching and discussing the changes to be made to your nutrition, as well as the reasons behind these changes.


You will be asked to return for a follow-up session a few weeks after the initial consultation. During this session, Natasha will answer questions you may have accumulated. You will also discuss nutrition changes you were asked to make and receive further coaching/teaching towards your goals.  Follow up sessions can continue until your goals are met. Sessions are usually in 3 week intervals, however, this can be changed according to your schedule. 

Payment is to be made at the latest, on the day of your appointment. Follow-up sessions can be booked at the end of each appointment however, to assure a spot is available in a timely manner, it may be wise to book ahead online.



 04  Does Natasha require a copy of my file from Registered Dietitian consultations with another clinic?

Since all clients will need to complete a new questionnaire, food log and consent form, it is not necessary to have previous documents on hand. However, if you would like Natasha to have access to your previous files, it is your responsibility to provide them.




 05  What is the policy on cancellations and missed appointments?

As a courtesy to others who are waiting for appointments, a 24-hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment is required. Failure to do so can result in a charge of $25.00. Receipts for missed appointment are not admissible for insurance coverage.


Your respect of this policy is greatly appreciated.

 06  What is the policy on weather-related closures?

You will be contacted if the office is closed due to weather. In case Natasha is unable to reach you, the closure will also be mentioned on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). If you feel uncomfortable risking travel due to weather, and the office is still open, you may either reschedule your appointment, or choose to consult virtually/by telephone.

 07  How do I book a consultation?

Please book an appointment through the online booking service on this website and choose “in-person”, “virtual” or "by telephone".  Virtual consultations are available through the secure "Practice Better" booking system or through another preferred method.

Please assure that proper local time zone is displayed on your device/browser as the online scheduler will display appointment availability times based on the times you have set.

 08  Can I get a meal plan?

You can request a personalized flexible nutrition plan offering food options and specific quantities. This plan considers your goals, sex, age, body composition, height, weight, training schedule, sport, work schedule, sleep schedule (shift work), health issues, allergies, medication, food preferences and deficiencies.


This type of plan requires you to first complete an initial consultation (60 minutes) so that Natasha can go through the diagnostic questionnaire, food log and questions. She must also take this time to teach key elements, such as label reading, required for the success of the plan. You are required to book your first follow-up session, about 4 weeks after your initial appointment, so that you may receive further education that is not given in your plan, but that is necessary for the success of your goals. During this follow up session, Natasha assures that the plan is well adapted to your needs and she is also able to tweak it as necessary following the trial period.


A client cannot “purchase a generic plan” as no two clients will require the same nutrition plan, guidance and advice.


The billing for this type of customized protocol is based on time spent developing the material. The average plan will take 1 hour to develop, which will cost $95 (not including consultation fees).

For those requesting specific meal plans, which tell you exactly which item item to eat at what time, the process required is the same as the one above, however, once the flexible meal plan is developed, Registered Dietitian, Christine Lagacé, will carefully select your meals and snacks based on your food preferences, allergies, ability in the kitchen and time availability for cooking.

Natasha can also set you up with an in-house chef service that takes into account your personalized meal plan portions or a catering service for personalized meals as delivery or pick-up.

 09  How do I go about booking a seminar/presentation?

If you are interested in a seminar or presentation for your group, the easiest way to proceed is to fill out the seminar/presentation form in the Documents Tab. You will receive an email or telephone call to confirm booking, as well as topics customized to the needs of your group.

 10   Which packages or services are available to teams/groups?

If you are interested in nutrition planning for travel, the easiest way to proceed is to fill out the group travel form in the Documents Tab. You will receive an email or telephone call to confirm booking, as well as topics customized to the needs of your group.


If you are interested in team packages, please contact Natasha to discuss the needs of your group/team. She will then send you a quote with various package options, developed around the needs of your group.