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Adapting Nutrition To Training Load - FREE

In a FREE 38-minute pre-recorded webinar, I will give you actionable ways to:

  • Protect muscle mass

  • Make the most out of your training (maximize gains in strength, power, speed, etc.)

  • Adapt meals to reduce body fat gain

  • Start taking control of food cravings





“This was a great no nonsense and straight forward webinar on fueling your body for various degrees of training and performance. Natasha presents her information in an understandable manner that is user friendly and uncluttered, which can be immediately implemented in your daily routine. I gained a much clearer understanding of the various systems your body utilizes for fueling performance, as well as recovery and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of sports nutrition!” - Stephen Shaffer, Trail Runner

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Price: FREE!

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