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Resources for Dietitians & Dietitians-To-Be

For those of you wanting to focus on individual counseling, lecturing or 1:1 coaching with a sports, fitness or a performance niche, are you capable of putting in the time & effort needed to research and develop your own resources?


Of course you are! But as you know, one of the most important entrepreneurial questions is: “Could my time be better spent doing something else for my business or for my family”?

I have decided to share my tried & true resources to :

  • Save YOU many hours of research and development time

  • Help improve the quality of your counseling / coaching / speaking engagements by making sure you ask the key questions & address the proper topics

These customizable resources include: 

  • Guide to streamlining forms, questionnaires & intake sheets 

  • Presentation slide decks​​

  • Initial consultation questionnaires

  • Fillable sweat rate testing forms

  • Physician report templates

  • Client goal setting tools

  • Referral Forms

  • Quote Templates

  • Sports nutrition workshop & contract request forms

  • Travel nutrition intervention request forms

All YOU have to do is insert your logo and company information in the specified areas to personalize all forms & PowerPoint Slide decks to your business.


So whether you are starting your private practice or simply looking to streamline / automate / develop your existing practice, let me help YOU on your business journey! 

Have a look at how I can help YOU by visiting my STORE here!


"You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just attach it to a new wagon."
- Mark McCormack

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