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Sports Fuel Guide

Are you unsure about best choices when it comes to sports products like

sports drinks, gels & bars? Maybe your current options are

causing discomfort, dry mouth or flavor fatigue? 

Are you looking for a guide to help you choose the best sports fuel for YOU?

This athlete's fuel guide can help!

In my practice, I see many athletes consuming certain products just because their teammates do so. If you recognize yourself, remember this doesn't always mean it's the right product for you OR for your sport.


Furthermore many companies market their product to a specific sport (i.e. sports drinks for cyclists). That said, with my vast experience in varied sports, I have often found the need to crossover into other sports product lines to help my athletes fuel to the best of their abilities. Indeed, a hockey player may perform best on a cyclist's sports drink!


So, I have developed this detailed guide to help YOU:

  • Understand fueling and hydration guidelines based on length, intensity & type or training. This document includes all the essential information to enable you to fulfill YOUR needs.

  • Know which products are available (indeed there are so many options)!

  • Save many hours of research comparing products.

This 30 pages Sports Fuel Guide includes: 

  • More than 100 products from over 30 brands (gels, drinks, electrolytes, bars, candies, etc.)

  • Pictures of every product for quick finds when purchasing

  • A table / chart format to compare products easily and quickly

  • Important tips & information on determining your fuel, hydration and electrolyte needs based on your training session

This is a PDF document, so you can have access from everywhere you travel or shop! You can also print it. All of this for only 10$!

Below is a sneak peek of this detailed document. Check out my complete Athlete Fuel Guide by clicking the big blue button!

Sports Drinks
Sports Fuel Guide - July 2022 (1).png
Sports Fuel Guide - July 2022 (4).png
Sports Fuel Guide - July 2022 (3).png
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