Do you have cravings throughout the day that make you reach too often for “cheats”, “treats” or “junk”? Are you finishing your day on the couch, with a bag of chips, in front of the tv and then feeling guilty about it? Or maybe you are famished just before supper and you end out raiding the cupboards for something sweet?


As an athlete, these cravings can throw off your recovery and affect your body composition goals.


Do you wonder: Where do cravings come from? When will cravings stop?


Trying to find a solution to your cravings on your own can be overwhelming. Attempting different ways to stop them can even make them worse. So where to go from here? Let me, Natasha McLaughlin-Chaisson, Sports Dietitian, walk you through the process of understanding WHY you crave & HOW to address those cravings while reducing the occurrence.


Let me help you take control of your cravings!

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